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About HomeRun

What is HomeRun?
When and where is HomeRun?
Is there a registration fee?
I have a team. Can we do this together as a team?
How can I sign up?
What if I can't run?
Are there any age restrictions?


Where does the money I raise go?
How do I pay in the money I raise (Online and Offline)?
What is gift aid and can my supporters add it to their donations?
What is my Stats Page?
What is my Fundraising Page?
How do I change my fundraising page goal?

Technical support and tracking your distance

How do I log my distance?
How do I connect my fitness apps?
I have a query about my HomeRun Fundraising Page
I have a query about a donation
How do I manually log my miles on my page?
How do I connect my MapMyFitness?
How do I connect my Strava?
What is everydayhero and how do I use it?